Your technology should be paving the way - not holding you back. We are a team of trusted advisors based in Charleston, SC who design custom IT solutions for all types and sizes of companies across all verticals locally and regionally to help you work smarter, achieve your business goals and make IT a streamlined part of your operations. Whether you lack a dedicated IT staff or you’d like to free up your existing staff to focus on other projects and initiatives, we can help. The fact that we are down to earth and crazy fun to work with is just icing on the cake.

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Innovative IT solutions to fuel your business outcomes delivered by a team you can count on.

Bluetowne’s mission is to deliver expert, customized end-to-end IT solutions through remarkable customer service.  We work hard every day to innovate on our clients’ behalf, helping them identify their most pressing needs and applying best-in-class technology to meet their unique challenges and requirements. We do it with a talented team comprised of top professionals who deliver an unmatched level of service and value to our clients, and who are a ton of fun to work with.  At the end of the day it’s about relationships, transparency, trust, and the human element behind the technology.  Our customer first mentality has afforded us our past successes, and continues to be a driving force behind where we are going and how we conduct business each and every day.  We didn’t invent customer service, we just perfected it.

Results, Not Promises.

Our portfolio of services provides true end-to-end IT solutions focused on your business outcomes. From full migration and implementation to project management and help desk needs, we’ve got your back.



Tackling each unique customer challenge with passion and determination, we’ve been working hard to design and deploy goal-oriented solutions for our clients. We’re proud of the work we’ve done, and invite you to browse a few of our projects that not only delivered exceptional customer experiences, but meaningful results that transformed the way these companies operate.

Taco Boy

Business Continuity, Cisco, Cloud, Cloud Management, Compliance, Disaster Recovery, Help Desk, Managed Infrastructure Services, Managed Platform Services, Network, Security, VMware, Wireless

Lucey Law Firm

Business Continuity, Cisco, Help Desk, Managed Infrastructure Services, Managed Platform Services, Migration, Network, Security, Storage, Virtualization, Wireless


Cloud Management, Managed Infrastructure Services, Managed Platform Services, Network, Wireless

Your only regret will be that you didn’t partner with us sooner.

Outsource your Help Desk needs to Bluetowne’s BlueCare Help Desk, and experience managed IT services Utopia. It’s a magical place where you spend less time worrying about your IT, and more time focusing on strategic initiatives to help drive your business forward.



We can toot our own horn all day long, but would rather you hear it directly from our clients.

  • "One of the reasons I chose Bluetowne is because they spent a lot of time on site understanding our infrastructure prior to winning the project. I wanted to partner with a company that actually cares about what they do—and with Bluetowne it was clear that they’re not just about selling services and moving on. I greatly value our ongoing relationship and the high level of responsiveness, and cannot tell you how much peace it gives me knowing Bluetowne will handle anything that comes along." - Head of Logistics and Supply Chain Operations

    Zinus, Inc.
  • "We were impressed with Bluetowne’s knowledge and professionalism. They were extremely flexible and cooperative in helping us work through and resolve any issues that popped up, and had a level of organization and follow-through that the other partners we considered lacked." - IT Manager

    UEC Electronics
  • "The level of knowledge is what attracted us to Bluetowne — they delivered solid consulting and offered clear direction to help us solve our business challenges. Watching my colleagues’ responses and seeing them get excited when Bluetowne was presenting a solution was a good barometer for me that we chose the right partner." - Director, Radio Chemistry Division

    The GEL Group
  • "Bluetowne has been instrumental in keeping us up and running, all while being creative and flexible in how they help us achieve our goals and stay within budget." - Director of Operations

    Cipher Pharmaceuticals